From the southern gentlemanly swagger and the dusty Texas tones, to the flash of the 80's with leopard print suits and fuzzy spinning guitars, LegZZ precisely capture the true essence of ZZ Top with musical excellence and stunning showmanship….making every performance a memorable experience for all ages.

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Barry Ewart as "Billy Gibbons"

Barry is a veteran musician and career guitar builder with years of experience performing the character of ZZ Top's frontman. He has carefully recreated the guitars that he uses in the show to be sure they are absolutely authentic in sound and presentation.

Tim Steinruck as "Dusty Hill"

As a career performer, multi-instrumentalist and studio producer/engineer, Tim nails the role of ZZ Top's characteristic bass man. Using his technical expertise he has recreated the electronic sounds that the band has become famous for since their 80's hey-day.

Bob Wagner as "Frank Beard"

Bob is a veteran professional touring and studio drummer with many awards and accolades to his name. His delivery and showmanship on stage only reinforces the fact that his career has allowed him to perform on some of the largest stages in the world.